Wealth Management Process

Our premier wealth management process centers on two principles: individualization and organization. Every person’s financial situation is unique, complex, and evolving. That’s why we aim to help relieve people of the burden of financial stress and work alongside them to accomplish their goals.
Individualized FOR You

Our process begins with a discovery, in which we uncover the needs, wants, fears, and concerns of each client and their families. We use the information we gather to prepare an individualized financial strategy for every client, which we update as needed based on our client’s evolving financial situation.
Organized FOR Us

This wealth management process allows us to help clients gain a clearer picture of their financial situation. Organization helps clients better understand their situation and our strategy to help them reach their goals. It also helps if we are working with internal Wells Fargo & Company colleagues or other financial professionals outside the firm so that everyone is on the same page.